1. Confirm your financial ability
  2. Secure your purchasing power.
  3. Leverage your approval with the desire to succeed.
  4. Determine a realistic budget for your acquisition
  5. Have realistic expectations and enjoy the pursuit



Accommodate your peace of mind


  1. Communicate all your desires to your agent.
  2. Research your living and work zones
  3. Calculate distances to conveniences and personal needs
  4. Consider several possibilities
  5. Vet your choices for your best result.



Set the wheels in motion


  1. Execute a contract with precision and a strategic plan
  2. Due your due diligence with a broad view of all your expectations
  3. Have the confidence to proceed and seal the deal
  4. Congratulate yourself for your accomplishment and enjoy your achievement
  5. Get familiar with your property and dare to dream your vision.



Behind the box when it flips to the other side, write for:

Steps to home ownership: your real estate professional can help you with recommendations and guide you through the process.

Accommodate your peace of mind: Let your Realtor work for you in locating properties that fit your needs then work together to narrow your choices.

Set the wheels in motion: Now that you have found the right property work with your agent to proceed with all the steps to a successful closing