Well consider the foot hills of the Appalachian Mountains,

Cherokee, Forsyth and Pickens counties the North West sector of Atlanta in Georgia is a wonderful consideration.

The climate is very pleasant and a change of seasons just might be the change you’re looking for.

You have the conveniences of a large metropolitan city and the charm of the most beautiful areas of this land at your finger tips.

The country side is stunningly beautiful, and with close proximity to the beginning of the Blue Ridge Mountains there is an abundance of things to do.

Great areas to live and lots of future growth just within easy access.

You won’t believe how much homeland land you can get for the money, and there are plenty of business opportunities to get into.

Since my move I have enjoyed the scenic country side that surrounds the area, I live in Cherokee county, my kids have adapted well to the fine schools they attend and we look forward to the change of seasons. Being a Floridian most of my life I thought it would be tough but it has been a wonderful change in my life. I am with Solid Source Realty Inc and work as a Realtor helping folks buy and sell homes.

I miss the beaches but then Destin and the panhandle are not that far away.

The incredible golf courses, spectacular country side, and rich heritage that are the South is still a great opportunity to discover and enjoy new adventures, in a much more pleasant change of seasons setting.

Great opportunities are available for those who feel that a move to Georgia may be in the cards. I want to offer you and yours my services and make myself available if I can be of assistance to accommodate a move for you, your family, friends or coworkers.

I have had the opportunity to travel the world and this part of the United States near the Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountains is my favorite and I’m so proud to call home.